CrossFit was developed by Greg Glassman and his wife Lauren 1980th The goal is to carry out constant varying functional / natural movements with a high intensity. With CrossFit you train not only one-dimensional and isolated single muscle groups, but are requesting, and you promote all over your body. CrossFit training complex movements, making it more agile. So you move your body or objects in a natural way to effectively and efficiently. People such as help us to learn in a way where it can be useful to us in our everyday life and it’s one of the things which makes it very special.

It’s no secret some well known excellent pillars of CrossFit are as basic a healthy diet, cardio exercise (walking, running, swimming …), gymnastics and gymnastics (squats, pull-ups, push-ups …) and exercises from the Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting (converting clean and jerk, snatch, dead lift …). The goal is to teach the trainee functional movements (movements of our daily life), to strengthen them and make them more efficient in all areas and disciplines.

CrossFit promotes the following areas:

– endurance and stamina

– power and strength

– mobility

– speed

– skill

– balance

– coordination

– accuracy.

What to do right now so Crossfitter:

A Crossfitter running, rowing, jumping on wooden boxes, moving (heavy) objects, throwing medicine balls, does pull-ups, pulls the barbell and much more. The variations of exercises and exercise machines, many exercises are done alone with the dead weight are enormous. In addition, the exercises are always tailored to the trainees and adjusted (scaled). One thing to keep in mind is always be willing to increase your strength slowly, do not try to do more than you can if you build your strength slowly you’ll reduce stress and injury.

Does that sound like exactly what YOU are looking for? COME OVER THEN 😉

The community was very important in CrossFit, because it lives CrossFit. We provide you with the other cross Fitness a family atmosphere, you have to take a place like-minded people to train together and to have fun. We are there for each other and help us in the WODs each other. Who help need it gets. But suffer not only in the training box and we sweat together, we strengthen the community in the period between the WODs. Let’s take the grill, go eat something, businesses something together and have fun.

The community is growing with each new member and of course we also hope that you will soon be a part of our community. We look forward to you.

now how such a course work? The course is called the CrossFit WOD also (= Workout of the Day). The WOD, each of which always goes about an hour designed in the four areas:

Warm-up to bring with subsequent stretching exercises for muscles and joints, as well as exercises for the heart and circulatory system going and to increase the body temperature.
Skill training, in which further elaborated on specific exercises the techniques / improved and / or a preliminary training on the core of the course, the so-called. METCON (= Metabolic Conditioning). In addition to the skills and the mobility is traininert to improve the mobility of joints, hips, shoulders, etc.
The METCON! The METCON must be completed specifying certain exercises, for example, with a certain number of repetitions in time (RFT = rounds for time) or repetitions (= AMRAP as many rounds / reps as possible).
The cool-down then completed the course, here we go the body controlled back down.

The WOD varies from day to day, has repeatedly different priorities with other devices or exercises. Thus, it is never boring or monotonous for you. And best of all, you have nothing planned, which take everything we have for you.

CrossFit Brothers work on promoting crossfit to people who want to work on bother their health and conditioning.